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SOLYD’s mission is to improve our clients’ work and personal lives by developing excellent real estate projects.

SOLYD is committed to adopting ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria, ensuring the development of high-quality real estate projects in tune with the latest trends in the construction sector and in line with sustainability concerns, delivering to our clients the best value for money real estate solutions.

Our ESG action plan was built upon our ambition to invest in high quality buildings with a positive impact, while building relationships based on ethics and responsibility. This represents SOLYD’s practical commitment with our stakeholders and society at large in terms of sustainability, aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Meeting environmental and social sustainability and governance requirements is crucial to ensure quality housing that improves people’s lives and at the same time minimizes the footprint and impact on the environment.

There is still a long way ahead but at SOLYD, we will continue to put sustainability as a core pillar that we are building together with our partners for a better future for all.


Responsible Investment Policy


SOLYD is a strong believer in responsible investment. We trust that in our activity we can create value not only for our shareholders but also for society as a whole, and as such we integrate ESG practices in our strategic decisions as well as day-to-day practice, both at corporate and project level.

With that purpose in mind SOLYD has made ESG integration into its activities a corporate priority and takes into consideration Responsible Investment criteria when considering any investment decision, from the selection of projects to the due diligence process, but also in all aspects during the lifetime of each project.


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Corporate Social
Responsibility Program


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is SOLYD’s ability to take responsibility for its actions as an organization. We developed a CSR Program strategy based on our mission, vision, purpose, and values, defining in which areas it makes sense to intervene and what type of impact we want to have on our team and our community. We defined our focus areas of intervention, identified priorities and the scope of intervention by selecting to participate in different categories of initiatives, and defined a framework to evaluate and select SOLYD’s opportunities for action.

These are the areas we want to focus on:

1. Fighting social inequality among young people;
2. Improving community land management and infrastructure;
3. Tackling biodiversity and climate crisis;
4. Promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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SOLYD’s Sustainability Reports share our sustainability journey in order to ensure a meaningful positive impact and the long-term sustainability of our company. Throughout these reports, we demonstrate our approach and commitment to the sustainability issues that matter most to us and to our stakeholders.

SOLYD is committed to a sustainable future by closely monitoring ESG initiatives throughout the entire organization. We want to provide our customers with more practical and sustainable houses to live in and offices to work at. To be an active agent of change because a sustainable future is a SOLYD future.

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